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See the three recent reports and the petition for a serious plan!

We need a plan that moves us from this immediate crisis, helps us understand what mistakes got us to this point, and determines a new paradigm for the future. Read the Schiller Institute Plan, entitled: LaRouche’s ‘Apollo Mission’ to Defeat the Global Pandemic: Build a World Health System Now!

The three parts of the report include:

  • Part I, describes the overview of tackling the global pandemic from a global standpoint.
  • Part II, discusses necessary health measures in more detail.
  • Part III takes up the physical, economic, scientific, and political changes needed to make these measures possible on a global scale.
The following describes the approach to a solution, from the introduction to the report. This is described as an evolving idea:

Here, we take up the task of delineating the needed World Health System. This is a first approximation of the requirements, which we hope will be enriched by input from international experts and concerned people in the immediate weeks ahead.

We begin by posing, and answering, two questions:

  1. What is the cause of this, possibly the worst crisis humanity has ever faced?

2. What is the full set of measures that should be taken on all fronts, both in the United States and worldwide, to defeat the pandemic?

We do not start by listing all the bottlenecks and shortages, and try to work from the bottom up. We start instead by figuring out what is required: We must use this existential crisis to finally overcome the underdevelopment of large sections of mankind, a condition that is not worthy of the human species. Then, we determine the physical economic requirements to achieve each step along the way, including the bills of materials and manpower requirements, as defined from the standpoint of industrial engineering. We then return to the bottlenecks and figure out how we are going to break through them, on schedule or earlier. We will find that, to achieve that trajectory, we will be on a forced march requiring constant technological breakthroughs; we will find that we are in the domain of the science of physical economy, where Lyndon LaRouche’s work is our only guide and road map.

We will also find that such an approach requires full international cooperation, especially between the United States and China, to achieve these common aims of mankind. Anyone opposing such cooperation should be scientifically classed in the same genus and species, politically, as the coronavirus itself.

That approach is how Franklin D. Roosevelt mobilized the nation to defeat fascism in World War II. That is how NASA engineers turned the looming Apollo 13 catastrophe into success. And in our current endeavor to defeat the coronavirus across the planet, here too failure is not an option.

This is a crisis 50 years in the making.

Schiller Institute New Video on the Economics of Coronavirus and a Petition for International Collaboration

So, in this regard, and in looking for durable solutions for world health and economic development, please see the May 12, 2020 posting of the Schiller Institute video: “The Economics of Defeating the Corona-19 Virus“, and the linked petition “Coronavirus Petition for Global Health Infrastructure.”

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