The Extraordinary ‘China-Africa Solidarity Summit Against COVID-19’—New Initiatives

June 17, 2020 (EIRNS) — Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is also Chair of the Forum on China Africa Cooperation, gave the keynote address at today’s ‘China-Africa Solidarity Summit Against COVID-19’ event, which was co-hosted by the African Union 2020 Chairman and President of South Africa Cyrill Ramaphosa, and the co-chair of FOCAC (Forum onContinue reading “The Extraordinary ‘China-Africa Solidarity Summit Against COVID-19’—New Initiatives”

Guatemala and COVID — Health, Not Geopolitics!

The need for an international collaboration to defeat the COVID19 pandemic is perhaps most critically seen in its opposite manifestation – the refusal to respond to pleas for help because of perceived geopolitical conflicts. It is well known that the US refused to lift sanctions against Iran, despite their urgent request for help in dealingContinue reading “Guatemala and COVID — Health, Not Geopolitics!”

El Presidente de Ghana se compromete a construir 94 hospitales en un año

19 de mayo de 2020 — En su octavo informe anual a la nación, el pasado domingo 26 de abril, que fue transmitido por televisión a la nación, el Presidente de Ghana, Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, dio a conocer su propósito de construir 94 hospitales de 100 camas clínicas, en 88 distritos del país en elContinue reading “El Presidente de Ghana se compromete a construir 94 hospitales en un año”

What Happened to all the Hospitals? A Series

Hospitals That Serve the Poorest Facing Financial Ruin For more background on the Brooklyn Hospital Center, and its role, see this NYTimes Report from March 26, 2020, entitled “We’re In Disaster Mode, Courage Inside a Brooklyn Hospital Facing Coronovirus” : “The 175-year-old hospital — where Walt Whitman brought peaches and poems to comfort the CivilContinue reading “What Happened to all the Hospitals? A Series”

Massachusetts Nurses Association Press Conference May 20, 2020

Appearing outside of Cambridge Hospital yesterday, leaders of the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) drew attention to measures annunciated in a petition which they presented to Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) CEO Assaad Sayah.  The nurses say the purpose of the petition is “to sound the alarm about dangerous conditions that threaten the safety of CHA patients,Continue reading “Massachusetts Nurses Association Press Conference May 20, 2020”

A Solution for the Medical and Economic Breakdown — The Schiller Institute

We need a plan that moves us from this immediate crisis, helps us understand what mistakes got us to this point, and determines a new paradigm for the future. Read the Schiller Institute Plan, entitled: LaRouche’s ‘Apollo Mission’ to Defeat the Global Pandemic: Build a World Health System Now! The three parts of the reportContinue reading “A Solution for the Medical and Economic Breakdown — The Schiller Institute”