How China Mobilized Around COVID-19 — Lessons to be Learned

By Dr. Ernest Schapiro

China Watch Institute, China Daily, the Institute of Contemporary China Studies, Tsinghua University School of Health Policy and Management, Peking Union Medical College issued a report entitled “China’s Fight Against COVID-19” on April 21, 2020.

This report portrays the successful mobilization of the Chinese nation, from the top levels of government down to the self-organizing of communities. It was put together by researchers, economists, medical experts, and social scientists, some of whom are not Chinese. It gives a a broad picture of how Chinese society functions in a grave crisis. It provides us with a gold standard for dealing with the pandemic. It is because of the relentless China-bashing that Americans are not aware of this unique achievement of China, and leads them to under-estimate the great benefit cooperation with China can bring us. The last pages of the report have short statements by the researchers and veterans of the mobilization which highlight particular aspects in a useful manner, drawing on that writer’s particular insights.

The table of contents and abstract are shown below. To read the entire report, download here:

Table of Contents

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