The Absurd Claim that China Deliberately Infected the World with COVID-19. The Case of Niall Ferguson

Lawyers and politicians are charging into legal suits against China, demanding recompense for the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is much to be said about these bizarre and dangerous developments. However, we will focus this report on the exemplary case — that of Niall Ferguson. Ferguson is the source behind a particularly virulent charge — that the Chinese not only hid their knowledge of the means of infection of COVID-19, but that they sent millions of Chinese citizens in flights from China after January 23rd, when the extent of the infections were known. The charge also states that, at the same time, flights inside China were shut down, “proving” China’s culpability.

This is a heavy charge! However — Dr. Daniel Bell proved the charge was not true, and that Niall Ferguson didn’t particularly care that it was not true.

On April 30th, the EIR reported:

“Dean of the School of Political Science and Public Administration, Shandong University Daniel A. Bell, wrote on his website on April 21-22 “Did the Chinese Government Deliberately Export COVID-19 to the Rest of the World?” in which he demonstrates three crucial things. First, very importantly, that the original source of this claim, on April 5 in the Sunday Times of London, was Niall Ferguson, a leading British liberal imperialist who is well known for writing proposals for the outright return of British Empire.

“And moreover, that Ferguson’s claims there—that China allowed flights to leave Hubei and Wuhan for Russia, Europe, and America after Jan. 23, while blocking any flights to other parts of China—are completely false, disproven by Professor Bell’s careful research into air schedule records. And lastly, that after having to admit his claims were false, Ferguson has gone into a British imperialist’s attack mode against Bell as a China apologist, and so on.

“Professor Bell’s investigation and steady correspondence with Ferguson about it are too detailed to summarize, but can be read rewardingly. His article was reprinted in Beijing Review on April 21 and as an opinion by CGTN on April 28.”

The report by Professor Daniel Bell is included here. This report is a bombshell. It documents the flight records from China to foreign destinations following January 23rd. Dr. Bell shows that flights that were scheduled, were in fact cancelled.

Second, a report on this case is made by Harley Schlanger in his broadcast of May 1st.

There is much more to this story, including more revelations of British intelligence’s role in “flooding the zone” in the US Congress, press, and White House on these questions.

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